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Art at RES

Visual arts instruction begins at Roscommon Elementary School. We provide unique and award winning arts program.  Our  volunteer led Parent pARTners Art Program  received a "Michigan's Best" Award and was recognized as an exemplary school program. Volunteer to be a part of this program by contacting the RES office.


Roscommon Middle School Art Program

The visual arts program at RAPS is available for students at the middle school and high school level.  It is through the vehicle of art that students learn to develop personal lifelong problem solving skills.  Art can help students:

  • gain self-worth through the satisfaction of their work - including the display of their work within the school setting.
  • promote an appreciation and knowledge of the great art of the past and present.
  • develop perceptual growth through awareness of color, texture, pattern and design.
  • develop creative growth through problem solving and imaginative use of themes and media.
  • develop intellectual growth through awareness of detail and knowledge of processes and techniques.
  • develop emotional growth through the expression of mood (feelings); identification with self and response to others.
  • develop social growth through encouragement of cooperation with others and an awareness of others’ needs.
  • develop physical growth in gaining skill in handling media at various levels.

At RAPS students who take art will have a spiraling holistic experience, which helps them learn to be more decisive, creative, communicative and expressive.

Roscommon High School Visual Arts Program

The visual arts program at Roscommon High School is intended to help students:


  • Develop independent thinking, decision making, and problem solving skills as they learn to use and manipulate different media to create final products which express intended moods, themes, and messages.
  • Develop emotional and intellectual growth through thoughtful self-expression by the intentional use of the elements and principles of art and design to create final products that bear in mind not only the student’s purpose, but also the audience’s perceptions.
  • Develop skill in analyzing, and constructively critiquing and evaluating works of art, including their own.
  • Strengthen their sense of confidence and self-worth through the satisfaction of their work, including the display of their work within the school and the community.
  • Develop social skills as they collaborate on team projects, and help one another through constructive feedback and problem-solving suggestions on individual efforts.
  • Gain knowledge of art history, and the cultural purpose and value of art in the past, present, and future.
  • Experiment with and develop skill and dexterity in a variety of two- and three-dimensional media, including pencil, pastels, paints, print making, papier-mâché, clay, and electronic media.
  • Develop skill in self-discipline and time management.
  • Develop an awareness of connections between the visual arts and other academic disciplines.
  • Enjoy and appreciate the PROCESSES as well as the products of the visual arts.

The two semester-long courses of Art and Design make up the first year of the RHS visual arts program. They emphasize the instruction of the elements and principles of art and design, and allow students to explore a variety of media. Students must successfully complete both Art and Design in order to move on to advanced courses, where they will focus on more rigorous work and mastery of specific media.


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Art Competitions

students with t-shirt designs

Three Lakes Communities That Care Zombie Apocalypse T-shirt Design Contest

Roscommon High School juniors Heidi Golder and Gwyneth Murray were recently presented with Walmart gift cards by Shelly Hubbard of Three Lakes Communities that Care (CTC). RHS art students entered their designs for the CTC Zombie Apocalypse T-shirt and brochure competition. Murray’s design will be used on the T-shirt, along with Golder’s slogan. Golder’s design and slogan will be used on the brochure promoting the Zombie Apocalypse fund raiser walk. Three Lakes CTC is a Roscommon County Substance Abuse Coalition committed to the prevention of substance abuse. For more information about CTC or the Zombie Apocalypse event, contact Shelly Hubbard:

Josh Gee receives scholarship

Higgins Lake Trail Cruisers

Josh Gee receives a scholarship and award for his winning design for the Higgins Lake Trail Cruisers.