Industrial Technology At RHS

Roscommon High School traditionally has had a strong Industrial Technology program. In September of 2018, Mr. Chuck Schepke took over the tech program which continues to grow as a diverse group of students learn new "tech ed" skills.

MITES Competition

Roscommon High Woods students annually enter  projects into the Regional MITES competition. Several Roscommon student projects go on to win awards at the state level  each year . MITES is a student-based competition for the Industrial Trades classes: Michigan Industrial Trades Education Society. Students may compete in the areas of Wrought Metals (includes welding), Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Graphic Arts, and Machining. Student projects placing in the top 4 in each category automatically go on to the state competition the following week, where places are awarded for best of division and the top ten awards in each category.

Our students are currently working on many fine wood items along with a custom built, student designed cabin in the Construction Trades class. We are all excited as our Trades program continues to grow with the support of our school and community.

Roscommon Industrial Trades serves over 300 middle school students from 4th to 7th grades in Exploratory Woods. At the high school we teach Introduction to Woods, Advanced Woods, and Construction Trades along with a Fabrication class for over 200 served each year. 

We construct everything from cutting boards to cabins, with custom furniture and toys added in for interest and fun.